Our Story


We love to visit bed and breakfasts.  We always show up with 20 decks of Magic Cards, a table-top game that has been collecting dust, and sometimes, we even bring a video game system.  We carry our box of games to breakfast and pull them out after the food is cleared. This is OUR vacation, and this was exactly how we want to spend it, getting lost in a fantasy game world.

We dreamed of a place where we could go, relax, and focus on the entertaining tabletop game without distractions.

Meet the founders


Apple Reese

Operations Director

BA in Theater Education, MA in Nonprofit Arts Management, 13 years of event planning experience

Apple's first love is theater; she has performed professionally in multiple productions.  Living 10 years outside the country has inspired her second love, travel.  She has made it a career goal to create event experiences unlike anything currently on the market.  It's her vision to make Adventure Away a weekend with your significant other or friends in a comfortable setting, roleplaying, without the stress of playing host.  Her pies are pretty stupendous, you won't want to pass up a piece.


Wayne Denier II

Creative Director

BA in Game Design, 14 years of game master experience

Wayne has been the dungeon master for over 40 modules over multiple campaigns. He prides himself on epic arcs, dynamic storytelling and improvised play.  He performs with local improv comedy groups, and has developed original game systems for tabletop play.  Adventure Away is a way for Wayne to share his love for tabletop games and help everyone find a way to fit gaming into their lives.  His dream is to be a full-time storyteller. He has some skills in the kitchen; so you can call him Alton, just don't tell Alton.

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Located in Frederick, Maryland, an easy drive from Washington, DC and Baltimore.