Celebrating a birthday?  Looking for a company activity?  Getting the band back together? Grab a case of Mountain Dew and put an extra leaf in the table. There's nothing holding you back from bringing epic wonder and storytelling to your home with Adventure Away.

Wayne DM’d superbly, tailoring our experience and adjusting on the fly to make sure everyone in our group (from teenage and 70-year-old neophytes to middle age returning players to 20-something regular gamers) had a blast.  It was an incredible and memorable event! - Pat D.

Thanks for a supporting a great 13th birthday party.  We had kids who DM their own games, to kids who never imagined playing a role playing game, and all had fun.  Low key and fun experience.  - Kathy

I hired Adventure Away as a Christmas present for my 4 kids not knowing what to expect.  The D&D evening was a wonderful family memory that even my first time playing wife thoroughly enjoyed. - Mike

Play with Friends

Party Packages for Groups

Got a group of friends who want to get together and roleplay?  Maybe you are planning a bachelor party, an adventurous spring break, a connecting corporate retreat, or an entertaining birthday party?

Our party packages offer a lot of flexibility.  You choose the game length, keep in mind that comfortable overnight accommodations are available and we will make sure everyone is fed.

We can pick up an established campaign and run a module for your tried and true characters OR we can DM a whole new campaign for you and your friends. We will help create characters prior to the game.

Costumes are encouraged.

Contact us for a quote. Prices range from $300 for a 4 hour game to $1,975 for a 12 Hour game, 2 nights accommodations for up to 6 people, and all food included.