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News Report written by Jasmine Pelaez

Frederick, Md – A Frederick couple has started a Bed and Breakfast business geared towards fans of the popular board game, Dungeons and Dragons.

“Gaming is becoming more mainstream. I know when we were kids, it was kind of not cool to be a gamer,” explained co-founder of Adventure Away, Apple Reese.

Reese came up with the business idea after spending a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast and craving a chance to play the table-top game with new people.

“We were looking for an opportunity to get people together and spend the weekend where they can actually leave their busy lives behind, and create a character and play that character for the weekend,” Reese said.

Reese and her husband, Wayne, started the business in 2017 and since then they have offered a get-away retreat for about a dozen customers.

They rent out Airbnb’s in the Frederick County area for their guests to stay, and add a hint of fantasy throughout the home.

“We named the different rooms different alignments. So you could be in the lawful neutral room, or chaotic good room. It kind of gives people the feeling that they are in a D&D gaming retreat,” Reese explained.

This weekend, they are hosting three gamers from around Maryland.

For guest Gary Fry, the themed bed-and-breakfast offers an opportunity to meet new people and just play the game that he says takes critical thinking and creativity.

“I think it’s a sophisticated hobby. You’re not putting your intellectual capacity on hold, but you’re applying intellectual capacity you applying to a job during the week to something that’s more enjoyable,” Fry said.

Reese says she hopes to grow the business and one day buy a property to fully house the adventure away bed-and-breakfast. But for now, she’s focused on her guests.

“I’m getting exactly what I wanted. I’m having fun playing dungeons and dragons with new folks, and I feel rested and relaxed, which was really important to me, and I’m going to go back to the real world on Monday having had this wonderful experience,” Fry said.

Reese says she plants to add additional table-top games to future retreats.