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D&D Bed and Breakfast Opens in Maryland

With tabletop gaming now more popular than ever before, new experiences incorporating the hobby have been springing up. One unique option opened up just recently in Frederick, Maryland – a Dungeons & Dragons bed and breakfast.

The D&D B&B is called “Adventure Away,” and the experience involves 12 hours of 5th Edition D&D gaming led by a staff Dungeon Master, accommodations for the weekend, and meals. The idea for the B&B was born out of an experience that founders Apple Reese and Wayne Denier II had on a weekend trip of their own, where they enjoyed the overall B&B experience but wished to incorporate tabletop gaming.

The goal of Adventure Away is to provide a venue for role-playing without needing to juggle schedules of everyone in a large group or worry about the other variables when hosting several people. Adventure Away has party packages for large groups as well as weekend packages for one or two people, and booking rates begin at $355 per person for the weekend. There are dates available into October 2018 as of this article’s publication.

More information about Adventure Away can be found at their website.